Minneapolis Police Precinct 3 (Sector 1) Update

Minneapolis Police Department 3rd Precinct

Sector 1 Crime Weekly Update

For Phillips West, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Ventura Village and Little Earth

Week of August 20-August 26, 2019

3rd Precinct Changes:

We are in the midst of major leadership changes in the 3rd Precinct:

  • Our new inspector is Inspector Sean McGinty (he took over the precinct on August 18, 2019).
  • Daywatch Lietentant Lindsey Heron will be taking over on September 15, 2019
  • Lt Hudok will be moving to Midwatch Lieutenant
  • There will also be new Lieutenants covering Dogwatch and Investigations.
  • Please join me in thanking Inspector Michael Sullivan, Lt Gary Nelson (days), and Lt Brian Sand (Mids) for their service in the 3rd precinct! These three especially helped me transition into working for the Police Department and my role as a Crime Prevention Specialist. I am particularly grateful to them for that. 😊

Patrol Focus Areas in Sector 1:

  • E Lake St: Clinton Ave S to Bloomington Ave, E 29th St to E 31st St.
  • Franklin/Chicago: Portland Ave to 12th Ave, I-94 to E 25th St.
  • 25th/Bloomington: 15th Ave S to 16th Ave S, E 24th St to E 26th St.

Burglary: Garage Burglaries: 27XX Portland Ave S, 8/26, time unlisted

Business Burglaries: 6XX E Lake St, 8/24, time unlisted

Home Burglaries: NONE! 😊

REQUEST FROM MPD: If you have been a victim of a burglary of your home, please make sure you make a police report. Investigators are working on the chain of related home burglaries and have reason to believe that there are some cases which have not been reported. It is critical that you report these crimes! Please tell your neighbors.

UNA PETICION DE LA POLICIA: Si usted ha sido víctima de robo en su casa, por favor asegúrese que haga un reporte con la policía. Los investigadores están trabajando los casos de la cadena de robos de casa y creen que hayan sido más casos no reportados. ¡Es muy importante que todas las víctimas se hace reporte de estos crímenes! Corre la voz.

Aggravated Assaults: 14XX E 22nd St, 8/21, 4:00pm: Victim reports that Suspect assaulted him by punching him in the face repeatedly. Victim had significant injuries requiring hospitalization. Victim was given a case card.

E Lake St/Chicago Ave S, 8/24, 7:30pm: Officers responded to an assist EMS call at the listed address. The victim was given a blue card and transported to HCMC by EMS due to his injuries.

E 21st St/Chicago Ave S, 8/25, 1:50am: Officers responded to the listed location for a shooting. There were two victims.

Robbery: E 18th St/15th Ave S, 8/20, 10:22pm: Victim robbed at gunpoint.

26XX 12th Ave S, 8/21, 10:17pm: Officers responded to a robbery of person. Victim was transported by EMS and given a blue card.

10XX E Lake St, 8/25, 6:53pm: REPORTING PERSON called 911 to report that an unknown SUSPECT assaulted him when SUSPECT was running out the store with an unpaid merchandise. VICTIM was given a blue card and advised.

Auto Theft and Recovered Vehicles: Sector 1 had 9 auto thefts and 4 recovered vehicles in week 34. The following were arrested parties: Arrested Party: Daniel Lee Burgess, DOB 4/30/89; Arthur Jinz Slaughter, DOB 9/23/88; Kunta Kinte White, DOB 3/6/77

There were 6 Thefts from motor vehicle; 2 were unlocked, 3 had broken windows and 1 was a stolen battery (pried hood).
**Do not leave valuables inside your car**

Theft: Sector 1 had 11 thefts in week 34, including 2 bike thefts. There were no related arrests.

Announcement: 3rd Precinct CPS’s will host a Block Leader Training at the precinct (3000 Minnehaha Ave S) on Tuesday, 9/10 at 6:30pm. Anyone interested in becoming a block leader is welcome to attend. RSVP to Jennifer Neale, CPS Jennifer.neale

For non-emergencies, feel free to call me 612-673-3482; Call 911 for emergencies

For questions, contact:

Kali Pliego, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct
(612) 673-3482

To Protect With Courage
To Serve With Compassion

Visit the Minneapolis Police Department on Facebook Connect with the MPD

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