Midtown Weekly Crime Report and Community Announcements, Week Ending September 17, 2018

Hello again. Here is the Midtown weekly crime report with community announcements for the week ending 9-17-18. The report is attached as a Word file and the text is reprinted below the Safety Center logo.

I didn’t have time to prepare a Midtown crime map this week. If you want to see one, please let me know.

For this report, Midtown is the area from 35W to Hiawatha, between 28th and 32nd Streets. Portions of the Phillips West, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Central, Powderhorn Park and Corcoran neighborhoods are included in Midtown. The report is attached as a Word file and the text is reprinted below the Safety Center logo.

There were 17 Part 1 (most serious) crimes in Midtown this week, up from 13 last week.

There were 7 violent crime reported in Midtown last week-4 robberies and 3 aggravated assaults. One of the aggravated assaults was a domestic. By comparison, there were 5 violent crimes last week.

Police took 10 offenders into custody this week. 7 of these arrests were for felony crimes.

The 3rd Precinct had 1 focused enforcement area in Midtown this week-29th St E to 31st St E, Oakland Ave S to Bloomington Ave S. Officers made a total of 42 proactive stops and 3 arrests in this area.

I have 5 announcement this week. See the report (below and attached) for more details on this item:

· The annual Powderhorn Porchfest is Saturday, September 22. Come hear 16 bands on 4 stages, all in 1 night!

· Midtown Farmers Market is holding a Fundraiser Brunch on Sunday, September 23. This is a great chance to support a much-needed Midtown institution!

· Love East Lake Street and Heart of the Beast bring you Bicycle and Butterfly Bash on Friday, September 28. Come enjoy an evening that includes bike decorating and lantern-making!

· Midtown Greenway Coalition hosts a Progressive Dinner on the Greenway on Saturday, September 29. A fun evening with appetizers in Uptown, the main course in Midtown and sweets in Seward.

· The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is hosting 2 Community Learning Sessions about Park Safety and Park Policing. The session in Phillips is Monday, October 1.

I always appreciate your comments. Please let me know what kinds of information you would like to see added or removed. I want the reports to be as useful as possible.

Also, please let me know the email address of anyone who would like to get these reports. Thank you!

John R. Baumann

Midtown Community Safety Center

Minneapolis Police Department

2949 Chicago Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407



Midtown Area Crime Report, Week of 9-11 to 9-17-18

By CPS John R. Baumann, Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct

Midtown Community Safety Center, 2949 Chicago Ave S, 612-825-6138

Midtown is the area between Highway 35W and Hiawatha Ave, from 28th St E to 32nd St E


· There were 17 Part 1 (most serious) crimes reported in Midtown during the week. This is up from 13 Part 1 crimes last week.

· Part 1 crimes this week included homicide (0), rape (0), robbery (4), aggravated assault (3), burglary (4), auto theft (0), arson (0) and larceny/theft (6).

· There were 7 violent crimes reported in Midtown this week-4 robberies and 3 aggravated assaults. By comparison, there were 5 violent crimes reported last week.

· There were 0 homicides, rapes, auto thefts and arsons reported during the week.

· There were 0 business robberies and 0 business burglaries reported during the week.

· MPD officers arrested and took into custody 10 offenders.

· 7 of the 10 arrests were for felony crimes, which are marked in yellow. This does not include those arrested for felony warrants.

Reported Part 1 Crimes in Midtown This Week (Excluding Larceny)

Robbery (4)

9-12, 2:59 pm 28xx 13th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)Victim called to report that he was robbed in a parking lot near the listed address. Video of the incident exists but was not immediately available. The victim was provided a MPLS case (victim services) card. Recommendation: Further investigation. [CPS note: Loss was phone and wallet/contents. 2 unknown suspects.]

9-14, 9:30 am 3xx Lake St E (Central neighborhood)Robbery of person at knife point. [CPS note: Loss was wallet/contents and $200 cash. 1 unknown suspect.]

9-16, 1:00 am Lake St E & 5th Ave S (Phillips West neighborhood)Victim states someone took his keys from him and stole his car.[CPS note: 7-9 unknown suspects.]

9-17, 1:25 am 29th St E & 13th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)Victim was in the area of the listed location when an unknown male assaulted him, threatened him with a gun, and stole his wallet. Victim transported by Emergency Medical Service for treatment and provided blue (victim resources) card.

Aggravated Assault (3)

9-11, 2:55 pm 10xx Lake St E (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)Victim is an employee and had a shoplifter have a sharp object and cut Victim in the finger. Victim refused medical and no bleeding. The suspect was gone on officers’ arrival. Officers canvassed the area for suspect. The staff had the incident on security camera but unable to retrieve it. Recommendation: Case continued pending further information or leads.

9-11, 9:42 pm 8xx Lake St E (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)Officers responded to above for an assault report. Victim who is a nurse was assaulted by a patient. Victim completed a citizen’s arrest and suspect [Manuel Daniel Medina] was booked for 5th degree assault and a confirmed felony warrant. Victim provided a blue (victim resources) card.

9-11, 11:00 pm 30xx 20th Ave S (Corcoran neighborhood)Officers responded to address on report of a stabbing. Officers located victim outside residence with a stab wound. Emergency Medical Service transported victim from scene to Hennepin County Medical Center. Victim’s girlfriend [Justine Leanne Roberts]was taken into custody for Domestic Assault 2. Arrested party transported to Hennepin County Jail for booking… Case closed by arrest

Burglary (4)

9-11, 4:30 pm 6xx 28th St E(Phillips West neighborhood)[CPS note: Entry was made by forcing the front door of an abandoned home and then the side access door of the garage. Loss was power tools. No suspect information.]

9-12, 1:21 pm 31xx 14th Ave S(Powderhorn Park neighborhood)[CPS note: Entry was made by kicking in the rear door. No apparent loss. No suspect information.]

9-12, 9:00 am to 3:50 pm 28xx Bloomington Ave S(East Phillips neighborhood)[CPS note: This is a multi-unit secure building. Entry was made by removing a window screen. Loss was electronics and jewelry No suspect information. Re are security cameras in
the building.]

9-17, 11:00 am 30xx Elliot Ave S(Central neighborhood)[CPS note: Entry was made through an unsecure window. Loss was cash, coins and jewelry. No suspect information.]

MPD Arrests in Midtown This Week

Arrestees Booked into Hennepin County Jail (7 Felony, 10 Total)

9-11, 9:42 pm 8xx 28th St E Manuel Daniel Medina: 5th Degree Assault , Felony Warrant.

9-11, 11:00 pm 30xx 20th Ave S Justine Leanne Roberts: 2nd Degree Domestic Assault (Felony).

9-12, 1:45 pm 29th St E & Bloomington Ave S Raquel Christina Flores: Prostitution (Felony).

9-12, 2:46 pm 29xx Bloomington Ave S Raymond Leroy Poor Bear: Narcotics Violation (Felony).

9-12, 10:26 pm 17xx Lake St E Ismal Abdullah Abdulkadir: Carry a Weapon without a Permit (Felony).

9-13, 4:30 am 29xx Chicago Ave S Abdikarim Ahmed Ali: 5th Degree Domestic Assault (Felony).

9-16, 3:57 am 30xx Clinton Ave S Cassandra Rose Peplinski: Felony and Misdemeanor Warrants.

9-16, 6:44 pm 31st St E & 21st Ave S Joseph Gene Hoberg: Narcotics Violation (Felony).

9-16, 10:26 pm 29xx 16th Ave S Hall Heen: Narcotics Violation (Felony).

9-17, 2:23 pm Lake St E& 16th Ave S Ashley Louise Mitchell: Felony Warrant.

Focused Enforcement in Midtown

Midtown’s Lake Street area had 1 focused enforcement area for violent crime this week, 29th St E to 31st St E, Oakland Ave S to Bloomington Ave S

Proactive enforcement results: 42 total proactive stops, 26 directed patrols, 3 arrests.

Robberies & Aggravated Assaults in Enforcement Area: 2 robberies, 1 aggravated assault.

Strategies used during the week included:

Patrol Tactics

All shifts: Directed patrol, foot beats, proactive stops, business checks.

Beats: Extra patrol on Lake St corridor

• Increased traffic stops in focus zone and immediate area.

Investigative Tactics

Beat: Collaborative effort between 3rd Precinct and 3rd Precinct Probation to do more specific details.

CRT-Details focusing on Lake St utilizing Precinct’s new cameras.

• Ongoing CRT focus on livability/nuisance crimes.

• Joint collaboration between MPD & Hennepin County Probation focusing on the Phillips 50 offenders.

• Sgt McDonald continues to collaborate with Mad Dads Street Team in monitoring Lake/Bloomington area.

Problem Properties

• Hamdi Alley (the alley between 812 and 818 E Lake St)- barricades. Still ongoing.


Enjoy Hours of Live Music at Powderhorn Porchfest

Saturday, September 22

A handful of neighborhood music enthusiasts spear-head this day-long festival right down 17th Avenue between 32nd and 34th streets. It’s a family friendly showcase of amazing local musicians who contribute to the eclectic and welcoming vibe Powderhorn is known for. 4:00 to 10:00 pm. For a schedule of performers see https://www.ppna.org/porchfest

Midtown Farmers Market Fundraiser Brunch

Progressive Dinner on the Greenway

Saturday, September 29

4:15 – 8 p.m.

Join us for a progressive dinner bike ride* on the Greenway!

We’ll start with tasty Appetizers in Uptown. Then on to the Main Course in Midtown, featuring hand-made pizza from WildEarth WoodFired Mobile Pizza Bakery. The dinner ends with Sweets in Seward, featuring treats from the Birchwood Cafe.

Soft drinks, wine and beer (must be 21+) included.

REGISTRATION is $45 for adults by September 17; $55 after. Youth 17 and under are free.

Current Members of the Midtown Greenway Coalition receive $5 off registration. Use promo code: MGC

The pizza will be hand-made on site, so registration is limited to just 75 people – so register today!

REGISTER HERE: https://go.midtowngreenway.org/events/dinner/

* While most people will BIKE, you are welcome to take any form of transportation (preferably alternative/public).

Bicycle & Butterfly Bash

Friday, September 28

3:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre, 1500 East Lake St

As butterflies make their migration and the winds of fall begin to blow, join us for a fun evening of creativity & celebration. Enjoy free hot cider and popcorn while you make spoke cards for decorating bicycles, designed by HOBT Associate Artist Gustavo Boada. Then get your hands dirty with butterfly banner and lantern making. A Love East Lake Street event!


Community Learning Sessions about Park Safety and Park Policing

Monday, October 1, 5:30-7:30 pm

Phillips Community Center 2323 11th Ave S

Tuesday, October 2, 5:30-7:30 pm

North Commons Recreation Center 1801 James Ave N

Interpreters, children’s activities, light food and refreshments will be provided

Join the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) as it listens, learns, acknowledges, educates and gathers public input on the desired level of park police service needed to serve our communities.

The MPRB is committed to providing safe places for children and adults to gather and play. Since the July 10 incident at Minnehaha Falls, there have been ongoing discussions with staff and the community about safety and park policing. (For more information on the Minnehaha Falls incident, visit http://www.minneapolisparks.org)

The MPRB is committed to working with the community to identify ways to improve park safety. Findings from these Learning Sessions will be reported to the Board before the end of the year and will inform development of recommendations in a Park Police Service Level Plan to be drafted in 2019.

Learn about other initiatives being developed related to park safety and park policing. All initiatives will include community discussions. All initiatives are being approached and will be evaluated, through a lens of equity.

18 Midtown Weekly Report, 9-17.doc

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