Midtown Weekly Crime Report, Map and Community Announcements, Week Ending June 25, 2018

Hello again. Here is the Midtown weekly crime report with community announcements for the week ending 6-25-18. (There was no report last week.)

For this report, Midtown is the area from 35W to Hiawatha, between 28th and 32nd Streets. Portions of the Phillips West, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Central, Powderhorn Park and Corcoran neighborhoods are included in Midtown. The report is attached as a Word file and the text is reprinted below the Safety Center logo.

A map of crime in Midtown this week is not available, due to the MPD’s change in data management systems.

There were 8 violent crimes reported-2 robberies and 6 aggravated assaults. 3 of the aggravated assaults were domestics. By comparison, there were 6 violent crimes 2 weeks ago.

MPD officers arrested a total of 16 suspects in Midtown this week. 10 were booked into jail and 6 were cited and released.

Officers arrested 2 people for felony crimes during the week, not including those arrested for felony warrants.

The 3rd Precinct had one Focused Enforcement Area within Midtown this week (29th St E to 31st St E, Chicago Ave S to 17th Ave S). Officers made a total of 79 proactive stops and 5 arrests in this area.

I have 4 announcements this week. See the report (below and attached) for more details on these items:

· The Minneapolis Police Department is hiring Police Cadets. Upon completing all program requirements, Cadets will be promoted to Police Officers. The application deadline is Sunday July 1.

· With Independence Day celebrations approaching, the MPD wants to remind you to call 911 about fireworks only when there are safety or fire hazard concerns. Report fireworks noise online, by using the 311 mobile app or by calling 311.

· CANDO’s Plant-Grow-Share program is holding a work session to build a garden tool shed and a compost bin and to do other work on Saturday, July 30. This is a potluck event.

· The Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association is recruiting volunteers for the Powderhorn Art Fair on Saturday, August 4 and Sunday, August 5. Many shifts are available.

I always appreciate your comments. Please let me know what kinds of information you would like to see added or removed. I want the reports to be as useful as possible.

Have a happy July 4th Holiday!

Please note: There will be no report next week; I will be out of the office most days.

John R. Baumann

Midtown Community Safety Center

Minneapolis Police Department

2949 Chicago Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407



Midtown Area Crime Report, Week of 6-19 to 6-25-18

By CPS John R. Baumann, Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct

Midtown Community Safety Center, 2949 Chicago Ave S, 612-825-6138

Midtown is the area between Highway 35W and Hiawatha Ave, from 28th St E to 32nd St E


· Part 1 crimes this week included homicide (0), rape (0), robbery (2), aggravated assault (6), burglary (1), auto theft (2) and arson (0). I could not tabulate the larceny/theft calls

· There were 8 violent crimes in Midtown this week-2 robberies and 6 aggravated assaults. 3 of the aggravated assaults were domestics. There were 6 violent crimes 2 weeks ago. (There was no report last week.)

· There were 0 homicides, rapes and arsons reported during the week.

· There were 0 business robberies and 1 business burglary reported during the week.

· MPD officers arrested a total of 16 suspects in Midtown. 10 were taken into custody and 6 received citations and were released.

· Officers arrested 2 people for felony crimes, which are highlighted in yellow. (This does not include those arrested for felony warrants.)

Reported Part 1 Crimes in Midtown This Week (Excluding Larceny)

Robbery (2)

6-19, 3:20 pm 21xx Lake St E (East Phillips neighborhood)Victim 1 was given a blue (victim resources) card with the case number. Victim 1 took a photo of the suspect that will be uploaded to evidence.com.

6-21, 3:54 pm Lake St E & 10th Ave S (Phillips West or Central neighborhood)Officers responded to Lake St E and 10th Ave S on report of a Personal Injury Accident. Upon arrival, it was discovered that GAETAN was drinking alcohol in his vehicle prior to crashing into two vehicles and attempting to car-jack two other vehicles before being and taken into custody. GAETAN was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center and placed on a 72 hour hold due to his extremely erratic and hostile behavior. The victims were given blue (victim resources) cards and a State Accident Report was completed. Recommendation: Further investigation – charge by complaint.

Aggravated Assault (6)

6-19, 8:00 am 32nd St E & Park Ave S (Central neighborhood)Officers responded to above on a Damage to Property that had just occurred. On arrival, the victim stated that he was slowing in traffic, when the suspect (who was presumably riding a bicycle behind him) started banging on his rental truck (owned by Home Depot). The suspect then jumped off his bicycle and pulled a board off the back of the truck the victim was driving. Suspect proceeded to smash out the driver side window and driver side mirror. The suspect was using profanity to frighten the victim, saying that the victim had “almost killed him.” The victim was very frightened and had minor cuts on his left forearm from the glass. Emergency Medical Service was refused. The victim was given a blue (victim resources) card and advised. Recommendation: Continued Pending Leads.

6-19 6:00 pm 30xx Cedar Ave S (Corcoran neighborhood)Officers responded to the above location for a domestic assault report. Officer spoke with the victim who stated she was assaulted by the suspect. Photos of the injuries were taken and uploaded. The victim completed the domestic violence supplement and the medical release form which were property inventoried. The suspect was not found on the enhancement list. The domestic hotline was called. The victim was given a blue (victim resources) card. Recommendation: Case continued.

6-19, 10:00 pm 23xx 32nd St E (East Phillips neighborhood)Male and Female had a verbal argument over personal property in a friend’s apartment who they are currently living with. Officers were called back to the scene multiple times by the lease holder who wanted the female half removed. Both Male and Female accused the other of assaulting one another. There were multiple witnesses on scene. The Male half was no longer on scene after Officers responded to the address for a third time. The Female half was transported to HCMC by ambulance.

6-19, 10:07 pm 29xx 3rd Ave (Phillips West neighborhood)Suspects assaulted Victim at listed address. Victim was treated and transported by Emergency Medical Service to Hennepin County Medical Center. Suspects gone on officers’ arrival. Victim given a blue (victim resources) card, photos taken at scene were uploaded. Paperwork property inventoried. Recommendation: Further investigation. [CPS note: This
was a domestic incident; suspects are well-known to victim.]

6-23, 2:00 am Lake St E & Bloomington Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)Officers responded to the listed address on an Assault in Progress. Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 were gone on officers’ arrival. Victim was given a blue (victim resources) card and examined by Emergency Medical Service. Photographs and street camera surveillance footage was uploaded on Evidence.com. Body worn cameras were also activated. Recommendation: Further investigation.

6-24, 11:11 pm 29xx 18th Ave S (East Phillips neighborhood)I arrived to the above location and met with the victim and witness. The victim was transported to the hospital by Emergency Medical Service. The witness was given a blue (victim resources) card. Body worn cameras were activated.

Burglary (1)

6-23, 12:35 pm 8xx Lake St E Business(Powderhorn Park neighborhood)[CPS note: Store security caught a suspect who had been trespassed for life stealing a bottle of liquor.]

Auto Theft (2)

6-20, 3:15 pm 31st St E & Clinton Ave S (Central neighborhood)[CPS note: Victim left the vehicle with a key in the ignition and the steering wheel locked with a security device. No suspect information.]

6-25, 6:05 pm 29xx 15th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)[CPS note: Officer stopped a car that had been reported stolen. Tyrone Washington

MPD Arrests in Midtown (16)

Arrestees Booked into Hennepin County Jail (Unless Noted) (2 Felony, 10 Total)

All Offenses Misdemeanors Unless Noted

6-20, 4:38 pm Lake St E & Chicago Ave S Kadeem Andrew Bradford: Disorderly Conduct.

6-21, 12:46 am Lake St E & 18th Ave S Albert Leroy Rozier: 5th Degree Domestic Assault, Flee Officer on Foot.

6-22, 12:53 pm 29xx Chicago Ave S Habib Ayudurus Salad: Damage to Property, Disorderly Conduct.

6-22, 2:45 pm 30xx Bloomington Ave S Shontel Letria Adams: 1 Felony Warrant (Child Endangerment).

6-22, 2:45 pm 28xx Bloomington Ave S Juvenile: 5th Degree Domestic Assault. Booked at Juvenile Detention Center.

6-22, 10:42 pm Lake St E & Cedar Ave S Jorge Pliego Chacon: Driving While Intoxicated.

6-23, 12:35 pm 8xx Lake St E William Richard Hayes: Burglary of Business (Felony).

6-24, 3:10 am 5xx Lake St E Alejandro Perez Jiminez and Jose Amaya Sarabia: Disorderly Conduct.

6-25, 6:05 pm 29xx 15th Ave S Tyrone Washington: Motor Vehicle Theft (Felony), 1 Felony Warrant (Motor Vehicle Theft).

Arrestees Issued Citations and Released (6)

All Offenses Misdemeanors Unless Noted

6-20, 12:42 am 21xx Lake St E Juvenile: No Valid Driver’s License.

6-20, 3:40 pm 16xx Lake St E Lakota Autumn Eastman: Assault 5-Attempt to Cause Bodily Harm.

6-22, 12:40 pm 29xx 5th Ave S Nancy Mae Johnson: Trespassing; Yolanda Elaine Bowers: Violate Handicap Parking.

6-23, 2:30 pm 32nd St E & 4th Ave S Theresa Lynn Ansari: Driving After Revocation.

6-24, 3:15 pm 31st St E & Cedar Ave S James Anthony Knox-Harris: Driving After Revocation.

Focused Enforcement in Midtown

Midtown’s Lake Street area had 1 focused enforcement area for violent crime this week: 29th St E to 31st St E,

Chicago Ave S to 17th Ave S.

Proactive enforcement results: 79 total proactive stops, 37 directed patrols, 5 arrests.

Robberies & Aggravated Assaults: 1 robbery, 1 aggravated assault.

Strategies used during the week included:

Patrol Tactics

• All shifts: Directed patrol, foot beats, proactive stops, business checks.

• Beats: Extra patrol on Lake St corridor-west end beat informed of robberies in that area-4 since the beginning of April.

• Public events with officers being planned by local businesses.

• Increased traffic stops in focus zone and immediate area.

Investigative Tactics

• Beat: Collaborative effort between 3rd Precinct and 3rd Precinct Probation to do more specific details.

• CRT-Details focusing on Lake St utilizing Precinct’s new cameras.

• Mobile camera was moved to 16th & Lake.

• Ongoing long-term narcotics joint details with Weapons Unit, VCAT, Safe Streets, GIT, 1st, 3rd and 4th Precinct CRT, Hennepin County VOTOF.

Problem Properties

• Hamdi Alley (the alley between 812 and 818 E Lake St-ongoing-looking at barricades. Significant progress has been made & plans are to make the structure permanent.

MPD Hiring Police Cadets-Application Deadline July 1

Attend and successfully complete a program in law enforcement at a department authorized institution for the purpose of meeting the academic and technical skills requirements of the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Board.

Job Duties: Attend and complete an accelerated course in law enforcement at a department-authorized institution to meet the academic objectives required to take the P.O.S.T. licensing examination.

When hired, Cadets will be promoted to Police Officer upon successful completion of the P.O.S.T. Board academic and skill requirements when a recruit academy class is scheduled.

Cadet must commit to two years of employment with the Minneapolis Police Department following their promotion to Police Officer or payback, on a pro-rated basis, the costs of the tuition paid by the department for the academic training and/or the skills course. (Dismissed cadets will be forgiven any costs outstanding at date of termination).

Failure to successfully complete Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board licensing exam at the end of the training program may result in termination. www.minneapolismn.gov/jobs

Be Safe with Fireworks, Keep 911 Open for Emergencies

Noise reports can be made online; call 911 for fireworks-related life safety or fire hazard concerns

Fourth of July fireworks are part of Independence Day celebrations, and the noise complaints and safety issues they can generate lead to high call volumes at 911 call centers across the country. That’s why the City wants to make sure folks stay safe this holiday weekend and know what to do if they have fireworks-related complaints.

Fireworks safety

• Read, understand and follow the instructions on each device prior to using.

• Use fireworks with close adult supervision.

• Choose a safe place to use fireworks. Fireworks should only be ignited outdoors and away from animals, buildings, storage tanks, brush or combustible materials.

• Anyone acting in an irresponsible manner or who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs should not handle or discharge fireworks.

• Keep fireworks away from small children and store them in a cool dry location away from sources of ignition (heat and flames).

• Never ignite fireworks inside another container, such as inside a bottle or can.

What’s legal, what’s not

• Non-explosive fireworks are legal in Minneapolis. Examples include sparklers, cones, tubes that spark, snakes and party poppers.

• It is legal to use these types of fireworks in your yard or on your sidewalk.

• Fireworks that explode or take off are illegal in Minneapolis. Examples include firecrackers, bottle rockets, missiles, roman candles, mortars and shells.

• It is illegal to use any fireworks on public property including roads, alleys, schools and parks.

When to call 911

For fireworks-related issues that pose life safety threats or fire hazards, residents should call 911, and police, fire or medical help will be dispatched.

Examples of calls that should go to 911 include:

• A person injured by fireworks.

• Airborne fireworks landing on a building or wooded area posing a fire risk.

• The size of a fireworks gathering and unruly behavior beginning to pose a threat to others.

Make noise reports online

Reducing the number of noise complaints to 911 will allow emergency calls to be answered as quickly as possible. On a typical Fourth of July evening, Minneapolis 911 receives hundreds of calls per hour, most of which are related to fireworks noise complaints. On a normal day, Minneapolis 911 will receive fewer than 100 calls per hour. Because of the volume, police officers cannot be dispatched to each fireworks noise incident around the Fourth of July but calls will be prioritized to ensure public safety.

Instead of calling 911 for Fourth of July noise reports, people are asked to make noise reports online; the reports will be reviewed during normal business hours. Noise reports may also be made through the 311 mobile app or by calling 311. Residents should note that Minneapolis 311 is closed July 4 and open from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Sunday, July 3, but the mobile application can be used any time to make a report. City staff will review the complaint during normal business hours when offices open again and may follow up with the property owner the complaint references.

For more fireworks safety tips visit http://www.fireworkssafety.org/safety-tips.

Help CANDO’s Plant-Grow-Share on Saturday, June 30

Would you like to help us put together a garden tool shed this coming Saturday 30th at 9am? We will be there till 1 pm, at Hosmer Garden (36th Street and 4th Ave).

We are also going to build a compost bin out of pallets and add wood chips to the paths. It’s going to be a potluck gathering, some people will be doing some gardening work instead, or helping cook on the fire. Hope you can make it!

Bring something to share if you can

Can you bring anything from this list (let me know please):

  • If you have a drill please bring one!
  • Pallets for building a compost pile -we need 5-6 they need to have the HT stamp on them (Heat Treated) no chemicals
  • Level
  • Ladder
  • Hammer
  • Metal brackets
  • Hand saw or battery operated reciprocating saw
  • Tape measure
  • Wood Clamps
  • 3/8″ wrench
  • Pliers
  • Safety Glasses
  • Work Gloves
  • Wheelbarrow (2)
  • Old newspapers
  • Pitch fork
  • Firewood
  • Flat grill for the fire

If you are planning to attend and can bring any of the items on the list, contact Fernanda at fernanda.

Volunteer at the Powderhorn Art Fair!

A message from Grace Berke at Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association:

We are already starting to recruit volunteers for our annual Powderhorn Art Fair! We’re hoping you might be able to help us out and are looking to have folks commit to 2 shifts.

The Art Fair is on August 4th and 5th and we’ll have several shifts each day that are about 3 hours long.

I’m looking for a total of 30-40 volunteers to help our artists as booth sitters. Some volunteers will also be asked to sit at information booths throughout the park as well.

All volunteers will receive a T-Shirt. We will also host a brief info session on the evening of July 26th. More details to follow 🙂

Please fill out this form to sign up!

For questions or more information, contact Grace at 612-722-4817 or grace.

18 Midtown Weekly Report, 6-25.doc


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