Midtown Weekly Crime Report, Map and Community Announcements, Week Ending May 28, 2018

Here is the Midtown weekly crime report with community announcements for the week ending 5-28-18.

For this report, Midtown is the area from 35W to Hiawatha, between 28th and 32nd Streets. Portions of the Phillips West, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Central, Powderhorn Park and Corcoran neighborhoods are included in Midtown. The report is attached as a Word file and the text is reprinted below the Safety Center logo.

I’ve also attached a Midtown crime map for May 22 to May 28 as a jpg file.

There were 14 Part 1 (most serious) crimes reported this week. This is down from last week’s total of 15.

There were 4 violent crimes reported-2 robberies and 2 aggravated assaults, both of which were a domestics. By comparison, there were 3 violent crimes last week.

MPD officers arrested a total of 21 suspects in Midtown this week. 14 were booked into jail and 7 were cited and released.

Officers arrested 7 people for felony crimes during the week, not including those arrested for felony warrants.

The 3rd Precinct had one Focused Enforcement Area within Midtown this week (29th St E to 31st St E, Chicago Ave S to 17th Ave S). Officers made a total of 31 proactive stops and 9 arrests in this area.

I have 6 announcements this week. See the report (below and attached) for more details on these items:

· The Minneapolis Police Department is hiring Police Cadets. Upon completing all program requirements, Cadets will be promoted to Police Officers. The application deadline is Sunday July 1.

· It’s time for American Swedish Institute’s annual Cocktails at the Castle celebration on Friday, June 1. Enjoy music, dancing, the oddity shop, pop-up performances and much more.

· CANDO’s Plant, Grow, Share Program has many events coming up in the next week and beyond. Free soil and plants are available at Hosmer Library Garden Site through Monday, June 4.

· Love East Lake is calling for art pieces that “encourage the viewer to consider the act of seeing in a ‘healthy’ community.” Submission deadline is Wednesday, June 6.

· Neighbors In Action is holding Lake Street Walks on Wednesday, June 6 and Wednesday, June 13. All are invited to join in.

· The TEC Center at LSS Center for Changing Lives is offering its freeFinancial Literacy Course with 4 different start times in June and July. The first classes begin on Wednesday, June 6.

Please let me know if you have an announcement you’d like me to include in an upcoming report.

I always appreciate your comments. Please let me know what kinds of information you would like to see added or removed. I want the reports to be as useful as possible.

Please note: Next week’s report will be the last one in this format. The MPD is switching to a new information management program on June 5 and it will take all of us some time to learn how to use the new system effectively.

John R. Baumann

Midtown Community Safety Center

Minneapolis Police Department

2949 Chicago Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407



Midtown Area Crime Report, Week of 5-22 to 5-28-18

By CPS John R. Baumann, Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct

Midtown Community Safety Center, 2949 Chicago Ave S, 612-825-6138

Midtown is the area between Highway 35W and Hiawatha Ave, from 28th St E to 32nd St E


· There were 14 Part 1 (most serious) crimes reported in Midtown during the week, down from 15 last week.

· Part 1 crimes this week included homicide (0), rape (0), robbery (2), aggravated assault (2), burglary (2), auto theft (2), arson (0) and larceny/theft (6).

· There were 4 violent crimes in Midtown this week-2 robberies and 2 aggravated assaults. This is up from 3 violent crimes last week. Both aggravated assaults were domestics.

· There were 0 homicides, rapes and arsons reported during the week.

· There were 0 business robberies and 0 business burglaries reported during the week.

· MPD officers arrested a total of 21 suspects in Midtown. 14 were taken into custody and 7 received citations and were released.

· Officers arrested 7 people for felony crimes, which are highlighted in yellow. (This does not include those arrested for felony warrants.)

Reported Part 1 Crimes in Midtown This Week (Excluding Larceny)

Robbery (2)

5-26, 11:14 to 11:16 pm 13xx Powderhorn Ter (Powderhorn Park neighborhood)Squad responded to the above location for one that was robbed at gun point. Suspects were gone on officers’ arrival. Victim stated they took her purse and pointed a gun at her when she screamed give me back my purse. Victim stated suspects then ran off. Recommendation: Case continued pending further information or leads.[CPS note: Loss was purse
and contents. 2 unknown suspects. Victim may be able to recognize them if she sees them again.]

5-28, 11:16 to 11:20 am 30xx Clinton Ave S (Central neighborhood)Suspect pointed a gun at Victim and went through Victim’s pockets. Victim ran away, Suspect was gone on officers’ arrival. [CPS note: Victim identified the only loss as a “black”-something that can be smoked. Victim knows the suspect’s Facebook name and can identify him.]

Aggravated Assault (2)

5-24, 4:00 to 4:04 pm 27xx Cedar Ave S (East Phillips neighborhood)Officers were dispatched to above location for a stabbing. Victim 1 and Victim 2 were given blue (victim resources) cards and transported to the hospital by Emergency Medical Service. Body worn cameras were activated. [CPS note: This was classified as a domestic assault.]

5-28, 11:00 to 11:30 pm 29xx 12th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)At the above date and time officers were dispatched to an assault report at the listed location. Upon arrival officers met with Victim who explained that he was just released from the hospital due to injuries sustained by his brother, Suspect, hitting him in the head with a bat yesterday. Witness also gave information. Domestic Violence Supplement and Medical Release were filled out and inventoried at City Hall Property & Inventory. Victim was given a case card and advised to file an order for protection. Domestic Hotline was called. Body worn camera was active. [CPS note: Since the victim and his brother
are living together, this was classified as a domestic assault.]

Burglary (2)

5-23, 4:50 to 4:55 am 2xx Lake St E (Central neighborhood)[CPS note: Victim told officers that 2 suspects she knows forced their way into her apartment and took showers. No loss mentioned in the report.]

5-25, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm 31xx Cedar Ave S(Corcoran neighborhood)[CPS note: Victim reported that someone entered his basement apartment by removing a window screen. No damage to the window lock. Loss was computers, cash, jewelry and clown accessories.
No suspect information.]

Auto Theft (2)

5-26, 8:00 pm to 5-27, 10:00 am 29xx 3rd Ave S (Phillips West neighborhood)[CPS note: Vehicle was parked at the listed location. Victim discovered it missing. No suspect information.]

5-27, 11:00 pm to 5-28, 10:00 am 31xx 23rd Ave S(Corcoran neighborhood)[CPS note: Victim’s friend borrowed the car and parked it at the address listed. The next morning, the friend saw that the car was gone and contacted the victim. No suspect information.]

MPD Arrests in Midtown (21)

Arrestees Booked into Hennepin County Jail (Unless Noted) (7 Felony, 14 Total)

All Offenses Misdemeanors Unless Noted

5-22, 2:25 am 31st St E & 12th Ave S Cedric Antonio Erby and Ashley Louise Mitchell: Narcotics Violation (Felony); Lamario Lamont Calhoun: 1 Misdemeanor Warrant,

5-23, 1:50 am Lake St E & 5th Ave S Melissa Rae Kovarik: 1 Felony Warrant (Theft of a Motor Vehicle).

5-23, 2:00 am Lake St E & 16th Ave S Tyisha Nicole Williams: 1 Felony Warrant.

5-23, 2:54 am 28th St E & 14th Ave S Juvenile: Motor Vehicle Theft (Felony). [Booked at Juvenile Detention Center.]

5-23, 2:39 pm Lake St E & Park Ave S Eric Wilson: Narcotics Violation (Felony); Heather Linde Ledford: 2 Felony Warrants (Narcotics).

5-24, 8:00 am 30xx 5th Ave S Juan Bernardo Prado-Bravo: Recovered Gun (Felony), Narcotics Violation (Felony), 1 Felony Warrant; Raul Geron-Espinoza: Recovered Gun (Felony), Narcotics Violation (Felony).

5-25, 9:45 am Lake St E & 16th Ave S Mario Anthony Williams: 1 Gross Misdemeanor Warrant (Driving While Intoxicated).

5-25, 11:20 pm Lake St E & 13th Ave S Elmi Farah Ali: Prescription Fraud/Possession of Prescription Pills (Felony).

5-26, 10:23 am Lake St E & 3rd Ave S Germaine Rogers: 1 Felony Warrant.

5-27, 6:40 pm 8xx Lake St E Michael Andrew Brady: Driving While Intoxicated (Gross Misdemeanor), Obstruct Legal Process, No Valid Driver’s License, Hit and Run No Injury, No Proof of Insurance.

Arrestees Issued Citations and Released (7)

All Offenses Misdemeanors Unless Noted

5-23, 2:00 am Lake St E & 16th Ave S Jjava Jemal Napoleon: Driving After Revocation.

5-26, 5:00 am Lake St E & Chicago Ave S Richard Merlin Johnson: No Insurance on Motor Vehicle.

5-26, 11:30 am Lake St E & 21st Ave S Brayan Pesantez Velez Velez: No Valid Driver’s License, No Insurance on Motor Vehicle.

5-26, 2:40 pm Cedar Ave S & 17th Ave S Kolen Travar Cannedy: No Valid Driver’s License.

5-27, 11:33 am 23xx Lake St E Micah Leo Sterling: Assault 5-Attempt to Cause Bodily Harm.

5-27, 11:40 pm 31st St E & 2nd Ave S Wuilbert Lopez-Jimenez: No Valid Driver’s License.

5-28, 6:50 am 28th St E & Hiawatha Ave S Maria Gabrielle Evans: No Insurance on Motor Vehicle, No Proof of Insurance.

Focused Enforcement in Midtown

Midtown’s Lake Street area had 1 focused enforcement area for violent crime this week: 29th St E to 31st St E,

Chicago Ave S to 17th Ave S.

Proactive enforcement results: 31 total proactive stops, 20 directed patrols, 9 arrests.

Robberies & Aggravated Assaults (excluding domestics): 0 robberies, 0 aggravated assaults.

Strategies used during the week included:

Patrol Tactics

• All shifts: Directed patrol, foot beats, proactive stops, business checks.

• Beats: Extra patrol on Lake St corridor-west end beat informed of robberies in that area-4 since the beginning of April.

• Public events with officers being planned by local businesses.

• Increased traffic stops in focus zone and immediate area.

Investigative Tactics

• Beat: Collaborative effort between 3rd Precinct and 3rd Precinct Probation to do more specific details.

• CRT-Details focusing on Lake St utilizing Precinct’s new cameras.

• Mobile camera placed at 17th & Lake-request that camera be moved to 16th & Lake.

Problem Properties

• Hamdi Alley (the alley between 812 and 818 E Lake St-ongoing-looking at barricades. Significant progress has been made.

MPD Hiring Police Cadets-Information Session June 5

Open for applications May 20, 2018 to July 1, 2018
Attend and successfully complete a program in law enforcement at a department authorized institution for the purpose of meeting the academic and technical skills requirements of the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Board.

Job Duties: Attend and complete an accelerated course in law enforcement at a department-authorized institution to meet the academic objectives required to take the P.O.S.T. licensing examination.

When hired, Cadets will be promoted to Police Officer upon successful completion of the P.O.S.T. Board academic and skill requirements when a recruit academy class is scheduled.

Cadet must commit to two years of employment with the Minneapolis Police Department following their promotion to Police Officer or payback, on a pro-rated basis, the costs of the tuition paid by the department for the academic training and/or the skills course. (Dismissed cadets will be forgiven any costs outstanding at date of termination).

Failure to successfully complete Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board licensing exam at the end of the training program may result in termination. www.minneapolismn.gov/jobs

The Minneapolis Police Department and Human Resources have been conducting various information sessions for positions. Information sessions cover the HR and MPD hiring process in detail and provide applicants an opportunity to meet with staff to ask questions. Attendance is optional and registration is not required

Information Session Dates, Times and Location:

· Tuesday, June 5 – 6pm

· Thursday, June 21 – 6pm

Emergency Operation Training Facility (EOTF)

25 – 37th Avenue NE

Fridley, MN 55421


Cocktails at the Castle – Friday, June 1

American Swedish Institute’s signature museum party is back with an atmospheric evening full of quirky surprises. “Cocktails at the Castle – Fantastical Worlds” takes its cue from the evocative sculptures of Finnish artist Kim Simonsson as part of The Fantastical Worlds of Kim Simonsson exhibition. Simonsson’s life-size ceramic “Moss People” and other sculptures, inspired by Nordic fairy tales, movies, Japanese anime and pop culture, have inhabited the Mansion and inspire the night’s activities!

Plan Your Night

Party at the Castle

$20 Non-members / $17 ASI Members (plus ticket fees).
Members enter promotional code before hitting the purchase button to receive discounted price.
Tickets $25 at the door if available. Please note that Cocktails at the Castle has a history of selling out, so we suggest that you buy early! This is a 21+ Event. All partygoers must present valid ID to gain entry.

CANDO’s Plant, Grow, Share Program Offers Many Opportunities!

Free Soil and Plants

Come on your own time to pick up free plants at Hosmer Garden. They are on trays, on the floor, in middle of the garden by the fence/house. Plants are individually label, or level by tray. Plants will be there until June 4th.

Where: Hosmer Garden Site, 4th Ave S & E 36th St

Seed Sorting

When: Sunday June 3rd, 2pm-3pm

Where: Hosmer Library, 4th Ave S & E 36th St

Container Gardening Class

When: June 3rd, 3-4:30pm

Where: Hosmer Library, 4th Ave S & E 36th St

Community Garden Volunteer Day

When: June 4th, 6-7pm

Where: Hosmer Garden Site, 4th Ave S & E 36th St

Community Bonfire

When: Sunday June 17th, 6:30pm-8pm

Where: Hosmer Garden Site, 4th Ave S & E 36th St


Call for Art-Submission Deadline June 6

The act of seeing and looking out for our neighbors & shared spaces is powerful, and is the focus of this call for art. Artists are encouraged to submit pieces that ask the viewer to consider the act of “seeing” in a healthy community. Art can include eye imagery, or imagery that evokes the concept of seeing & being seen. Our vision is for these submissions is that they embody positivity, compassion, and maintain the respect and dignity of all. 5 designs will be chosen for single color printing on exterior lawn signs.

Submission Details:

  • Submission deadline is Wednesday, June 6th.
  • Submit work to eastlakelove or email for assistance submitting
  • 12”W x 18”H, .25” border on all sides
  • Single Color
  • Work must be formatted to 300 dpi, pdf or jpg (help digitizing is available, artists will have final approval prior to printing
  • All lawn signs will be branded with a small Love East Lake logo
  • Please keep in mind that these signs will be viewed from both far and close range, so simple & graphic design is preferred.
  • Text will not be used, aside from artist’s signatures.

Printed signs will be available in June to all community members for free(a small printing cost donation will be accepted).

Email EastLakeLove or join ‘East Lake Street Corridor Community – Midtown’ Facebook group for updates.

Neighbors in Action-Lake Street Walks

Neighbors In Action is a group of neighbors who walk together as a watchful, positive and peaceful presence in the East Lake Street Community. To participate with Neighbors In Action’s Lake Street walks meet up with us at Midtown Global Market!

Upcoming Lake Street Walks:

Wednesday, June 6

Start & End Location: Midtown Global Market Security Desk
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Wednesday, June 13

Start & End Location: Midtown Global Market Security Desk
6:30pm – 8:00pm

We welcome your suggestions on other days and times that work well for you to participate. If you’re interested, you can reach us at info. Thanks!

Neighbors In Action walk participants agree to follow theSafety Guidelines.


Free Financial Course Starts June 6!

Create a budget

Create savings

Make credit cards work for you

Reduce your debt

Repair your credit

Build assets

Protect yourself from scams

Register: http://www.lssmn.org/employmentservices/tec/


Questions? Email tec@lssmn.org or call 612-879-5256

The TEC (Training and Education Center)

LSS Center for Changing Lives

2400 Park Ave S., Minneapolis (2nd Floor)

18 Midtown Weekly Report, 5-28.doc


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