D Line Update- May 2018

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Metro Transit C Line Update
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Recommended Station Plan released
What’s next for the D Line in 2018?
What is the D Line?

Metro Transit is planning improvements to the Route 5 corridor with the D Line rapid bus project. The D Line will stake over primary service from the Route 5, running primarily on Chicago and Emerson/Fremont Avenues. Rapid bus brings better amenities, faster service and a more comfortable ride.

  • Faster, more frequent service
  • Pre-boarding fare payment for faster stops
  • Neighborhood-scale stations with amenities
  • Enhanced security
  • Larger & specialized vehicles

Frequently asked questions

May 2018
Recommended Station Plan released
Metro Transit has released a Recommended Station Plan to identify locations for enhanced D Line stations before project engineering begins.

This plan incorporates feedback from the Draft Station Plan presented to the community earlier this year and includes three additional stations.

Metro Transit will accept comments on the plan through June 8th. There are several ways to comment on the plan:

  • Read and comment on the DLine
  • Call Customer Relations at 612-373-3333
  • Contact Community Outreach Coordinator Cody Olson by email at cody.olson or by phone at 612-349-7390 to arrange a time for an outreach team member to come speak to your community.


What’s next for the D Line in 2018?
Image of planning schedule for D Line
Comments on the D Line Recommended Station Plan will be accepted through June 8th. Metro Transit will report back to the final plan to the Metropolitan Council for approval this summer. Environmental review is also expected to be completed this summer.

D Line design will be completed in 2019. Pending full project funding, D Line construction would begin in 2020 or 2021.

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