Midtown Weekly Crime Report, Map and Community Announcements, Week Ending January 29, 2018

Hello again. Here is the Midtown weekly crime report with community announcements for the week ending 1-29-18. (For this report, Midtown is the area from 35W to Hiawatha, between 28th and 32nd Streets. Portions of the Phillips West, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Central, Powderhorn Park and Corcoran neighborhoods are included in Midtown.) The report is attached as a Word file and the text is reprinted below the Safety Center logo.

I’ve also attached a Midtown crime map for January 23-29.

There were 19 Part 1 (most serious) crimes reported this week.

There were 8 violent crimes reported in Midtown this week. There was 1 rape, 3 robberies and 4 aggravated assaults.

MPD officers arrested a total of 21 suspects in Midtown. 13 were booked into jail and 8 were cited and released.

Officers arrested 7 people for felony crimes this week, not counting those arrested for felony warrants.

The 3rd Precinct maintained 2 Focused Enforcement Areas within Midtown this week.

I have 5 announcements this week. See the report (below and attached) for more details on these items:

· Midtown Global Market will help people get ready for the Super Bowl at Family Friday Football Frenzy on Friday, February 2.

· You can share readings, spoken word, music and more at The Phoenix Rises, on Thursday, February 8, also at Midtown Global Market.

· Yet another Market activity is the Chinese New Year celebration on Friday, February 9.

· You can join the Midtown Greenway Coalition’s Group Bicycle Ride to the Shanty Projects on Saturday, February 3.

· LSS Center for Changing Lives is offering February classes in Employment Empowerment and The Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy and has an Open Lab for job seekers.

Please let me know if you have an announcement you’d like me to include in an upcoming report.

I always appreciate your comments on these weekly reports. Please let me know what you would like to see added or removed. I want the reports to be as useful as possible.

Thank you!

John R. Baumann

Midtown Community Safety Center

Minneapolis Police Department

2949 Chicago Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407



Midtown Area Crime Report, Week of 1-23 to 1-29-18

By CPS John R. Baumann, Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct

Midtown Community Safety Center, 2949 Chicago Ave S, 612-825-6138

Midtown is the area between Highway 35W and Hiawatha Ave, from 28th St E to 32nd St E


· There were 19Part 1 (most serious) crimes in Midtown during the week, up from 8 last week.

· Part 1 crimes this week included homicide (0), rape (1), robbery (3), aggravated assault (4), burglary (0), auto theft (4), arson (1) and larceny/theft (6). Public information narratives (taken directly from police reports) for the violent crimes appear below. There is summary information for all the other crimes excluding larcenies.

· There were 8violent crimes reported-1 rape, 3 robberies and 4 aggravated assaults. This is up from 2 violent crimes last week.

· There were no homicides or burglaries reported during the week.

· There were 0 business robberies and 0 business burglaries reported during the week.

· MPD officers arrested a total of 21 suspects in Midtown. 13 were taken into custody and 8 received citations before being released.

· Officers arrested 7 people for felony crimes, which are highlighted in yellow. (This does not include offenders arrested for felony warrants.)

Reported Part 1 Crimes in Midtown This Week (Excluding Larceny)

Rape (1)

1-25, 5:30 to 5:40 am Lake St E & Bloomington Ave S-Exact location unknown (Possibly in Midtown Phillips, Phillips East or Powderhorn Park neighborhood) The victim was raped by an acquaintance. The suspect was gone on officer’s arrival. Further investigation.

Robbery (3)

1-24, 10:35 to 10:45 pm 28th St E & 15th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood) On the above date and time at the listed address my partner and I responded to take a robbery of person report. Victim had limited suspect information. Victim suffered demonstrable harm but stated that medical attention was not necessary. Officers issued V1 a blue (victim resources) card. Recommendation: Case continued pending further information or leads.

1-26, 6:30 to 6:45 pm Lake St E & Hiawatha Ave S (Border of East Phillips, Corcoran and Longfellow neighborhoods) Aggravated Robbery of Person report taken at listed location. Victim stated that he was near light rail transit station at Lake and Hiawatha. Victim stated he was punched in the face by suspect, and had a wallet with 100 dollars cash and MN identification taken. Suspect was described as a black male, 35 to 40 years old, 6 ft tall, muscular build, clean shaven. Suspect ran off in unknown direction. It should be noted that the victim was very drunk and had limited info. An ambulance was ordered to evaluate victim. There was no visible injured observed. Victim was given a blue card and transported to hospital by ambulance per his request. Case closed pending further info.

1-27, 6:00 to 6:30 pm 15xx Lake St E (Midtown Phillips neighborhood) Arrestee 1 [Gilberto Herrera-Medina] and Arrestee 2 [Antonio Perra-German] were booked for probable cause narcotics. Additional charges possible, see supplements. Vehicle was towed to the Impound Lot. Victim was given a blue (victim resources) card.

Aggravated Assault (4)

1-25, 11:18 am to 12:30 pm 22xx Lake St E (East Phillips neighborhood) Arrestee [Edward Lamar Garrett] was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services where he had to be sedated due to being physically aggressive with Hennepin County Medical Center staff and previously with Officers.

1-26, 12:30 to 2:00 am 29xx Chicago Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood) On the listed date and time at the listed address, officers responded to a domestic abuse in progress. Arrestee booked Hennepin County Jail. Pictures of Victim’s injuries and apartment were taken and uploaded to evidence.com. Domestic Abuse Hotline notified. Domestic Violence Supplement and Medical Release form were property inventoried at Minneapolis Police Property and Evidence Unit. Body worn camera activated. Victim given blue (victim services) card. Felony Enhancement list checked and Arrestee was not on it. Recommendation: Further investigation.

1-27, 1:30 to 2:30 pm 22xx Lake St E (East Phillips neighborhood) Suspect stabbed Victim in the stomach and arm after an argument at the bus stop on the north side of E Lake St in front of the listed address. Witness was with Victim at the time of the stabbing. Suspect is described as a black male, mid-30’s, approximately 6’0″, medium build with a black beard and wearing a black winter hat, black jacket and blue jeans. He used a pocket knife for the assault. Victim was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center via emergency medical service. Recommendation: Case continued pending further information or leads.

1-28, 11:40 to 11:48 pm 29xx 15th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood) Officers responded to the above address on an assault in progress call. Upon arrival Victim said that Arrestee [Louis James Mayhew] was upstairs and had hit him in the face with an object, possibly with a knife. Victim was interviewed and sent with emergency medical service to Hennepin County Medical Center due to injuries. Arrestee was arrested and booked into Hennepin County Jail for assault 2 and for a warrant that was confirmed on channel seven.

Auto Theft (4)

1-24, 11:47 am to 12:05 pm 5xx Lake St E (Central neighborhood)[CPS note:
Victim started vehicle remotely using auto start. It was stolen before victim could enter.]

1-24, 12:00 to 4:00 pm 30xx Columbus Ave S (Central neighborhood)[CPS note:
Method of entering vehicle not known. Victim has both sets of keys and there was no broken glass where the vehicle was located before being stolen.]

1-28, 2:33 to 2:35 am 29th St E & 14th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)[CPS note:
Vehicle stolen at gunpoint near 38th St E & Chicago Ave S. It was recovered near 29th St E & Bloomington Ave S.
Michael Aaron Jefferson
arrested for
Motor Vehicle Theft.]

1-28, 12:00 to 1:00 am 30xx 13th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)[CPS note:
Victim lost her purse in a fight. She returned with a spare key and found her vehicle missing.]

Arson (1)

1-27, 12:34 to 3:09 am 29xx 13th Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)[CPS note:
This was a structure fire; now under investigation.]

MPD Arrests in Midtown (21)

All Offenses Misdemeanors Unless Noted

Arrestees Booked into Hennepin County Jail (Unless Noted) (7 Felony, 13 Total)

1-23, 7:32 pmLake St E & 11th Ave S Matthew Brian Engstrom: 1 Felony Warrant (Initially transported to Hennepin County Medical Center.)

1-24, 8:15 pm 30xx Oakland Ave S Nicholas Ryan Zepeda: 2 Felony Warrants.

1-24, 11:37 pm 8xx Lake St E Angelo Marquethe Robineau: 1 Misdemeanor Warrant (Theft).

1-25, 10:00 am 30xx Portland Ave S Ricardo Rodriquez: Narcotics Violation (Felony); Teddy Chapparo-Perez: 1 Misdemeanor Warrant.

1-25, 12:00 pm22xx Lake St E Edward Lamar Garrett: Assault-4 (Felony), Assault 5, Disorderly Conduct. (Transported to Hennepin County Medical Center.)

1-26, 2:00 am 29xx Chicago Ave S Farrell Washington: Assault (Felony), 911 Interference.

1-27, 7:15 am 8xx 28th St E Cornett Golden: 1 Felony Warrant.

1-27, 6:30 pm 15xx Lake St E Gilberto Herrera-Medina: Aggravated Robbery of Person (Felony), Narcotics Violation (Felony); Antonio Perra-German:Narcotics Violation (Felony), Drug Paraphernalia.

1-28, 12:05 am 29xx 15th Ave S Louis James Mayhew: Assault 2 (Felony), 1 Misdemeanor Warrant. (Transported to Hennepin County Medical Center.)

1-28, 1:30 am 30xx 13th Ave S Abdullahi Jimale Jama: 1 Gross Misdemeanor Warrant (Trespassing).

1-28, 12:05 am 29xx 15th Ave S Michael Aaron Jefferson: Motor Vehicle Theft (Felony), 1 Misdemeanor Warrant.

Arrestees Issued Citations and Released (8)

All Offenses Misdemeanors Unless Noted

1-23, 12:35 pm 28th St E & Park Ave S Abdihamid Mubarak Ali: Driving After Suspension.

1-23, 4:00 pm 28th St E & 10th Ave S Juan Herrera Rincon Rincon: Driving After Suspension.

1-23, 11:45 pm Lake St E & Chicago Ave S Axel L Vail Lopez Lopez: No Valid Driver’s License, No Insurance on Motor Vehicle.

1-26, 8:10 am Lake St E & Bloomington Ave S Joel Alberto Soto: Driving After Revocation.

1-27, 2:30 pm 28xx 18th Ave S William James Hart: No Proof of Insurance.

1-27, 10:54 pm Lake St E & Elliot Ave S Eugenio Martinez Lopez: No Proof of Insurance, Traffic Law Enforcement.

1-28, 9:45 amLake St E & Chicago Ave S David Edison Matzabalin Toaza:No Valid Driver’s License.

1-28, 10:57 pm 3xx Lake St E Edward Zahi Moses Saad: Trespassing.

Focused Enforcement in Midtown

Midtown’s Lake Street area had 2 focused enforcement areas for violent crime this week:

Lake Street #1 (29th St E to 31st St E, I-35W to Portland Ave S)

Proactive enforcement results: 16 stops, 10 directed patrols, 4 arrests.

Robberies & Aggravated Assaults (excluding domestics): 0 robberies, 0 aggravated assaults.

Lake Street #2 (29th St E to 31st St E, 12th Ave S to 17th Ave S

Proactive enforcement results: 38 stops, 26 directed patrols, 7 arrests.

Robberies & Aggravated Assaults (excluding domestics): 1 robbery, 1 aggravated assault.

Strategies (both areas) used during the week included:

Patrol Tactics

• Directed patrol, foot beats, proactive stops, business checks.

• Day Beat and Evening Beat: Foot beats & directed patrol on the Greenway and the 3000 blocks of 12th Ave S, 5th Ave S, Clinton Ave S, 16th Ave S & 17th Ave S (prostitution, narcotics, overdoses, etc.) Business checks at Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

• Midwatch: Suspicious person and suspicious vehicle stops around outer edges of focus zones.

• Dogwatch: Directed patrol, foot beats, suspicious person stops, suspicious vehicle stops and traffic law enforcement focused on bus stops in Focus Zone #2.

• Foot beats at Taco Bell & McDonald’s parking lots

• CRT conducting routine targeted details in the 17th & Lake area.

• Additional directed patrol around the Park & Lake area.

Investigative Tactics

• Regular details with neighborhood Probation Officers and MAVI (Minnesota Ant-Violence Initiative) to focus on chronic offenders.

• Evening beat details with Probation.


The Big Game is here! Join us at a party for all ages. We’ll be celebrating with fun games, crafts and snacks. February 2, 5:30-7:30 pm.

Join your neighbors for an evening of readings, spoken word, music and a youth photo exhibit on Thursday, February 8, 5-7 pm! This event commemorates the 4th Inauguration of the Phoenix Literary Magazine. Hosted by the Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts.

The 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration is hosted by the Chinese Heritage Foundation. Join us February 9, 5:30 – 7:30 PM for fun activities, exciting performances and the traditional lion dance.

Join the Group Ride to the Art Shanty Projects on Lake Harriet

Saturday, February 3, 2pm-6pm

Meet: Peace Coffee – 3262 Minnehaha Avenue

Happy Hour: Morrissey’s Irish Pub – 913 West Lake Street

Join the Midtown Greenway Coalition and JoyRide Magazine for a bike ride to the Art Shanty Projects on Lake Harriet.

Meet at Peace Coffee Shop-Wonderland Park. We’ll bike the Greenway to Lake Harriet and enjoy the shanties for about an hour, then head to Morrissey’s Irish Pub at 913 W Lake Street for happy hour! Lots of great beer on tap, including a super-tasty dark lager from Lake Monster Brewing!

The bike ride is FREE and so are the shanties! Happy hour prices at Morrissey’s!

Can’t join us for the ride? You can bike to the Art Shanty Projects every weekend they are open! The Greenway is plowed and so are the paths around the Lakes.

Check out the Facebook event and join us Saturday, February 3rd!


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Note: All courses and the open lab are offered at Lutheran Social Services Center for Changing Lives, 2400 Park Ave S, Minneapolis. For more information call 612-879-5286 or email tec.

18 Midtown Weekly Report, 1-29.doc


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