Midtown Weekly Crime Report, Map and Community Announcements, Week Ending December 11, 2017

Hello again! Here is the Midtown weekly crime report with community announcements for the week ending 12-11-17. (For this report, Midtown is the area from 35W to Hiawatha, between 28th and 32nd Streets. Portions of the Phillips West, Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, Central, Powderhorn Park and Corcoran neighborhoods are included in Midtown.) The report is attached as a Word file and the text is reprinted below the Safety Center logo.

I’ve also attached a Midtown crime map for December 5 to 11.

There were 12 Part 1 (most serious) crimes reported this week, the same as last week.

There were 4 violent crimes reported in Midtown this week- 3 robberies and 1 aggravated assault. There were 5 violent crimes last week.

MPD officers arrested a total of 9 suspects in Midtown. 5 were booked into jail and 4 were cited and released.

Officers arrested 3 people for felony crimes this week, not counting those arrested for felony warrants.

The 3rd Precinct maintained 2 Focused Enforcement Areas within Midtown this week.

I have 5 announcements this week. See the report (below and attached) for more details on these items:

· You still have 2 chances to see Santa Claus at the Midtown Global Market-Friday, December 15 and Saturday, December 16.

· Midtown Global Market will present Writers Without Borders on Thursday, December 21.

· You can help plan for the future of Minneapolis neighborhoods at the Powderhorn Community Forumon Saturday, December 16.

· Enjoy some winter fun at Powderhorn Park’s Frosty Fiesta!on Saturday, December 16.

· See ways to protect your vehicle in colder weather.

Please let me know if you have an announcement you’d like me to include in an upcoming report.

I always appreciate your comments on these weekly reports. Please let me know what you would like to see added or removed. I want the reports to be as useful as possible.

Thank you!

John R. Baumann

Midtown Community Safety Center

Minneapolis Police Department

2949 Chicago Ave. S

Minneapolis, MN 55407



Midtown Area Crime Report, Week of 12-5 to 12-11-17

By CPS John R. Baumann, Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct

Midtown Community Safety Center, 2949 Chicago Ave S, 612-825-6138

Midtown is the area between Highway 35W and Hiawatha Ave, from 28th St E to 32nd St E


· There were 12Part 1 (most serious) crimes in Midtown during the week, the same as last week.

· Part 1 crimes this week included homicide (0), rape (0), robbery (3), aggravated assault (1), burglary (2), auto theft (3), arson (0) and larceny/theft (3). Public information narratives (taken directly from police reports) for the violent crimes appear below. There is summary information for all the other crimes excluding larcenies.

· There were 4violent crimes reported-3 robberies and 1 aggravated assault. This is down from 5 violent crimes last week.

· There were no homicides, rapes or arsons reported during this week.

· There was 1 business robbery and 0 business burglaries reported during the week.

· MPD officers arrested a total of 9 suspects in Midtown. 5 were taken into custody and 4received citations and were released.

· Officers arrested 3 people for felony crimes, which are highlighted in yellow. (This does not include offenders arrested for felony warrants.)

Reported Part 1 Crimes in Midtown This Week (Excluding Larceny)

Robbery (3)

12-9, 8:00 to 8:05 pm Lake St E & Columbus Ave S Business(Border of Phillips West and Central neighborhoods)Victim was working as a taxi driver and had his cell phone stolen by Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 while they were in the taxi. Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 fled the scene on foot. Victim was not injured and had limited other suspect information. Victim was given a case (victim resources) card. Recommendation: Further investigation.

12-9, 9:30 to 10:07 pm 31st St E & 19th Ave S (Corcoran neighborhood) Officer responded to the listed area for a Robbery of Person call. Victim stated that the incident happened on the southeast corner of this intersection. The three suspects took multiple items from the victim and fled the area eastbound on 31 ST E on foot. Victim was given a blue (victim resources) card. Recommendation: Further investigation.

12-11, 3:00 to 3:05 am 29xx 3rd Ave S (Phillips West neighborhood)Victim was walking to his vehicle from his home at the listed address on the listed date and time when he was robbed by Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 at gunpoint. Limited suspect information. Language Line used. Auto Desk notified. Victim given blue (victim resources) card. Recommendation: Further investigation.

Aggravated Assault (1)

12-8, 10:37 to 10:45 pm 30xx 14th Ave S (Powderhorn Park neighborhood)Between the listed dates and times at the above location, Officers were on an unrelated call when we heard a loud argument coming from the alley of the listed address. Victim stated that Suspect had tried to run him over with his vehicle. Victim was uncooperative with Officers. Body worn camera activated. Suspect was not on the Probable Cause Felony enhancement list. Domestic Abuse hotline was called but unable to make contact. Recommendation: Further investigation.

Burglary (2)

12-10, 6:00 to 6:30 am 29xx Chicago Ave S (Midtown Phillips neighborhood)[CPS note:
No sign of forced entry. Only apparent loss was a set of dentures. No suspect information.]

12-11, 3:38 to 4:00 pm 30xx Bloomington Ave S (Powderhorn Park neighborhood) [CPS note:
Suspect attempted to enter by pushing in a window. He left before making entry so there was no loss. The window was damaged and couldn’t be locked. No specific suspect information.]

Auto Theft (3)

12-6, 4:00 to 4:15 am 21xx 32nd St E (Corcoran neighborhood)[CPS note:
Victim started his car and left it running and locked. No suspect information.]

12-8, 2:07 pm 29xx 18th Ave S (East Phillips neighborhood) [CPS note: Victim left the car running and unlocked. No suspect information.]

12-9, 2:00 to 3:00 pm 29xx 17th Ave S (East Phillips neighborhood)[CPS note: Victim left the car parked and locked. No suspect information.]

MPD Arrests in Midtown (9)

Arrestees Booked into Hennepin County Jail (Unless Noted)(3 Felony, 5 Total)

12-5, 2:40 pm30xx 12 Ave S Juvenile,Aggravated Robbery of Person (Felony); Narcotics Violation. Booked into Juvenile Detention Center.

12-6, 1:55 am Lake St E & 15th Ave S Bernard Clark, Stolen Property Offense (Felony).

12-6, 8:42 pm Lake St E & Longfellow Ave S George Gerald Coon, Motor Vehicle Theft (Felony).

12-7, 2:29 am28xx Chicago Ave S Yahya Ahmed Aidid, False Information to Law Enforcement (Gross Misdemeanor), Driving After Revocation.

12-10, 9:45 pm 29xx 16th Ave S Nicole Shannon Columbus, 1 Misdemeanor Warrant.

Arrestees Issued Citations and Released (4)

12-5, 3:50 pm 19xx 28th St E Nadia Migue Barrientos Dominguez,No Proof of Insurance.

12-6, 8:10 pm 31st St S & Bloomington Ave S Raul Martinez Martinez,No Valid Driver’s License.

12-9, 5:45 pm 5 xx Lake St E Felipe Bullock Dewberry,Driving After Revocation, No Proof of Insurance.

12-11, 2:15 pm28th St E & 12th Ave S Ofor Michael Anthony,No Insurance on Motor Vehicle.

Focused Enforcement in Midtown

Midtown’s Lake Street area had 2 focused enforcement areas for violent crime this week:

Lake Street #1 (29th St E to 31st St E, I-35W to Portland Ave S)

Proactive enforcement results: 17 stops, 13 directed patrols, 1 arrest.

Robberies & Aggravated Assaults (excluding domestics): 1 robbery, 0 aggravated assaults.

Lake Street #2 (29th St E to 31st St E, 12th Ave S to 17th Ave S

Proactive enforcement results: 45 stops, 28 directed patrols, 3 arrests.

Robberies & Aggravated Assaults (excluding domestics): 0 robberies, 0 aggravated assaults.

Strategies (both areas) used during the week included:

Patrol Tactics

• Directed patrol, foot beats, proactive stops, business checks.

• Day Beat and Evening Beat: Foot beats & directed patrol on the Greenway and the 3000 blocks of 12th Ave S, 5th Ave S, Clinton Ave S, 16th Ave S & 17th Ave S (prostitution, narcotics, overdoses, etc.). Business checks at Taco Bell and McDonalds.

• Midwatch: Suspicious person and suspicious vehicle stops around outer edges of focus zones.

• Dogwatch: Directed patrol, foot beats, suspicious person stops, suspicious vehicle stops and traffic law enforcement focused on bus stops in Focus Zone #2.

• CRT conducting routine targeted details in the 17th & Lake area.

• Additional directed patrol around the Park & Lake area.

Investigative Tactics

• Regular details with neighborhood Probation Officers and MAVI (Minnesota Ant-Violence Initiative) to focus on chronic offenders.

• Evening beat details with Probation.

Problem Properties Tactics

• 5xx Lake St E identified as a problem property. CPS is working with the business.

Third Precinct Weekly Trends

Motor Vehicle Theft:53% (8 of 15) of the vehicles reported stolen were stolen with keys. [CPS note: Even in cold weather, don’t leave your vehicle running unattended. Also, don’t keep keys in your vehicle, even when parked in your
garage. See more vehicle safety tips on the last page of this report.]

Burglary of Dwelling:35% (6 of 17) required little or no force to gain entry: Residential 23% (3 of 13) required little/no force to gain entry (1-unlocked door, 2-no force). Garage 75% (3 of 4) required little/no force to gain entry (1-unlocked service door, 2-unlocked overhead door).

Theft from Motor Vehicle:0% (0 of 1) reported a wallet/purse (0) or backpack/other bag (0) stolen; 0% (0 of 1) required little or no force to gain entry (0-unlocked door and 0-no force).


Santa is Coming to the Midtown Global Market 2 More Times!

Bring the kids and meet Old St. Nick at the Market:

December 15, 4-8pm

December 16, 12-4 pm.

Bring your camera to preserve some memories!

Join us for our last neighborhood night of the year! This event will feature local artists whose work in prose, poetry, and mixed literary genres extends beyond our borders. A literary showcase with authors, Su Hwang, Michael Torres, Angela Ajayi, Erin Sharkey, Junauda Petris, and Glenda Reed will take to the center stage of the Midtown Global Marketplace at 6 PM on Thursday, December 21st.

An author signing and sampling of Midtown’s best treats and beverages will follow.

Help Plan for the Future

at the Powderhorn Community Forum December 16

Join the discussion on The Future of Neighborhood Associations, Creative and Inclusive Community Development How We Can Advocate for Stronger Communities Together and more. Enjoy a light breakfast with neighbors and discuss topics impacting our community! Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association Office, 821 35th St E 10:00 am to noon. If you need accommodations to participate in this event please contact PPNA 612-722-4817 or info.


Have Winter Fun in Powderhorn Park

At the Frosty Fiesta! December 16

Include a trip to Powderhorn Park in your family’s holiday celebration. Frosty Fiesta features a bounce house for the kids, family bingo with fun treats, a craft project, popcorn for sale and more. 1:00 to 4:00 pm, Powderhorn Recreation Center, 3400 15th Ave S, 612-370-


Protect Your Vehicle in Cold Weather!

In colder weather it’s tempting to start your car and leave it running while you go back inside. But this can be dangerous because someone walking by might decide to steal your car. And locking your vehicle’s doors doesn’t solve the problem. It’s easy to break a window or force open a car door lock!

It’s also illegal to leave your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition while on a public street/alley. You could be ticketed under City Ordinance 478.160, even if your vehicle is stolen. (Note: remote starters do not violate the ordinance as they do not leave a key in the ignition. If the vehicle is on private property, the ordinance also does not apply but we still recommend not leaving your vehicle running because it could be stolen.) More info: go.usa.gov/cjyBY ; goo.gl/voG5Ym

Recovered vehicles are brought to the Minneapolis Impound Lot, where fees increase by the day. The owner will have to pay to retrieve the vehicle. If the owner doesn’t get the vehicle in 15 days, it could be sold at police auction. More info: go.usa.gov/cjyRF ; go.usa.gov/cjVDj

If your vehicle is stolen, call 911 to report it. Be ready to give as many details as possible.

If you later find your vehicle, call 911 to report that you recovered it! That is VERY IMPORTANT because if your vehicle is still listed as stolen, you could be mistaken for the car thief when you are driving it around. This could result in you being stopped at gunpoint.

Other recommendations to prevent auto theft:

  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Treat the garage door opener in any outside vehicles like a key to your home. Keep it out of sight.
  • Lock the doors of all vehicles parked inside your garage.
  • Find a lot more tips and information on prevention of auto theft at SaferCar.gov/theft and go.usa.gov/cjyAJ

17 Midtown Weekly Report, 12-11.doc


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