D Line Update- August 2017

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Summer Outreach Highlights
Red Light, Green Light
Chicago-Lake Survey
August 2017
Summer Outreach Highlights
photo by Bronwyn Harper
Over the last few months Metro Transit staff criss-crossed the city attending community events to talk about the D Line. One highlight was on Sunday May 7th, staff spent the day celebrating the arrival of spring and gathering feedback on the shores of Powderhorn Lake. We talked to almost 200 community members about the proposed D Line and potential station locations in nearby neighborhoods.

In the Powderhorn and Central neighborhoods most people felt like the station should be located at 34th Street or 35th Street. Residents and visitors remarked on the proximity to schools, the park, local stores and the Pillsbury Theater.

Potential station locations between Lake and Franklin generated less consensus amongst community members. Due to the large number of destinations, particularly the hospitals, every intersection received positive comments as a potential station location. Planners expect there to be two or three D Line stations to be located on Chicago between Franklin Avenue and Lake Street.

Red Light, Green Light


One way transit speeds will be improved in the Chicago-Emerson/Fremont corridor is through “Transit Signal Priority” or “TSP”. TSP is technology where Metro Transit buses can communicate with stoplights to extend green lights.

For example, a bus approaches an intersection where the walk countdown is in the single digits, instead of changing to yellow and then red the bus “asks” the stoplight if it can stay green for 10 more seconds or so. This allows the bus to move through the intersection instead of waiting at the red light. If this is repeated throughout a corridor there can be significant time savings for bus riders. Metro Transit customers can see it in action on many intersections along the A Line corridor.

TSP will be added to 31 stoplights along the Route 5 corridor in late 2017 and 2018. This will give the local route a boost while the rest of the rapid bus improvements are being planned. Riders can expect to save 1 to 3 minutes per trip between Downtown and 56th Street in South Minneapolis.

For more information on the D Line check out our fact sheet or our Frequently Asked Questions!

Chicago-Lake Survey
In Late June, Metro Transit staff surveyed over 130 people at the Chicago-Lake Transit Center. The goal was to learn how transit riders use and perceive the routes and facilities at Chicago-Lake. People were also asked what would make the transit center better.

Most people were fairly satisified with the local routes that run through the center, but thought the routes could be improved with faster service and larger buses to reduce crowding.

The survey results will become an important part of the Chicago-Lake Planning Study. Metro Transit is currently exploring alternatives to the Chicago-Lake Transit Center for the D Line. An option is to have a rapid bus station platform directly on Chicago Avenue to reduce delay from turning movements at the Chicago-Lake Transit Center.

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