Blues, Island Music, Jazz, Salsa, Hillbilly, Congolese and more!!!

This month has a whole bunch of variety, plus $1 farmers market!

August events lineup:

Stoney Savanna (Island Music & More)
Sidewalk Café (Jazz/ Acoustic/ Swing)
Rene Thompson (Salsa Dancing)
New Distraction (Classic Blues, R&B and American Roots)
Roe Family Singers (Good-Time, Old-Time Hillbilly band)
Mill City Hot Club (Dean Harrington Trio) swing and gypsy
Rene Thompson (Salsa Dancing)
Jon De Vaal (Jazz Trio)
Wee Wednesdays
and more!!

Visit Events Page
Visit Midtown Global Market merchants at the State Fair! Hot Indian Foods and Rabbit Hole will be at our booth at the International Bazaar. Salty Tart, Produce Exchange, Fiesta in America and Manny’s Tortas can all be found at their own booths throughout the fair grounds.
Get your fresh foods at Growing in the Backyard Farmer’s Market every Wednesday from 10am-2pm.
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Midtown Global Market, Lake Street and 10th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407
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